BWTS Retrofit

Oshiana has the Experienced project management team for the project planning and to install Ballast water treatment system (BWTS) Plant while vessel at In-Service / Dy Dock. All the essential pipe spools are pre-fabricated and assembled on the site.

Mechanical Installation

Oshiana will provide the retrofit guide & method of statement for the efficient & effective way to install the BWTS plant and associated pipelines, Valves, Instruments, foundation and ancillary pipeline (FW, SW cooling line & Instrument Air). Site run / field weld pipe spools investigated and installed according the BWTS flow diagram.

Electrical Installation

Power cable, Control Cable, Communication cables laying to be carried out between the Ship system, Electrical panels and BWTS equipment. Existing cable ladder/tray will be used wherever applicable. Necessary terminal box & cable penetration will be done on site as per marine standard.


Oshiana takes the responsibility to carried out the inspection & testing for the furnished works by us such as mechanical / electrical function check. Oshiana will assist BWTS maker for the final commissioning.