Mission and Vision


Using technological advantages to reduce ecological impact


Take advantages of engineering to conserve environment


We believe the foundation of our business rest on honesty responsibility and our action. We value and understand the importance of transparency and always fulfill our promises to customer and stakeholder.


Oshiana Pte. Ltd. is committed to deliver a consistently high level of quality and service. We are determined to achieve our shared vision & mission. This dedication to a common purpose stands behind our commitment to customers, partners and stakeholders driving us to excellence in our results delivers. We value quality over quantity and set always realistic goals and create relative benchmarks to meet them.


We are driven by quality in all our activities, engaging in a never-ending quest for zero defects in everything we do to earn customer preference.


We are dedicated to work hard and smart and believe that the result we achieve are the only valid measure of our success.


We believe in doing well by doing right. We believe that our values and uncompromising ethics enable us to offer our customers an experience that’s truly unique